Privacy Notice


Last Updated: March 3, 2024

Customer, App, Marketing, Promotions, Events, and Social Media Privacy Notice

This privacy notice pertains to individuals who:

- Have made purchases of our products or services via our Website.

- Have opted in to receive marketing emails from us.

- Have participated in any of our promotions/competitions.

- Engage with us on social media platforms.

Rest of the World Privacy Notice

This privacy notice applies to individuals who interact with us in ways not covered by our other privacy notices, including those who:

​- Visit our website or follow our social media accounts without posting comments.

- Work for one of our suppliers or another organisation we engage with.

- Our athletes or influencers with whom we have a contractual relationship.

- Serve as models for fitting and showcasing our products.

- Provide us with paid content as personal trainers or other professionals.

- Are shareholders.

- Are members of the public or individuals affected by our activities to the extent not covered by our other privacy notices.